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 Six-Guns APK is set in the old West, an open-world environment filled with dry mesas and dotted with farms.  Explore a truly enormous and open Wild West frontier full of cowboys, bandits and more in this third person shooter adventure game. Buck Crosshaw never shot a man who did not deserve it, but now he’s an outlaw who had to fake his own death and escape to Arizona. But in escaping one evil, Buck is about to face another, for an ancient and wicked force stirs in the hills of this mysterious region. 

6 Guns Features:
+ Freely explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon full of events, mystery and challenges for you to discover as you become completely immersed in the story and the action.
+ Take on 40 missions with a great variety of tasks for you to overcome. You’ll race horses, take out robbers, fend off waves of enemies and more along the way.
+ Unlock all 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes, ammo and other items to help you on your adventure.

1. Download Six-guns APK v1.1.8 Mod Offline + Unlimited money
What's new in v1.1.8?

- Up to 8 players can take part in a showdown in the new Capture the Flag multiplayer mode
- Rise to the top of the new online Leaderboard
- New Rogue and Gunslinger outfits
- New Shooting lottery game with tons of big prizes to win!
- New Submachine Gun, Double-Barrel Shotgun and another rare weapon you can only unlock in the lottery!

Game APK: Installation File v1.1.8 Mod Unlimited money
Game Data:  Full data

- Extract the data using peazip, 7zip or winrar
- Copy the extracted data folder to Android/obb
- Install the apk
- Run the game

2. Download Six-guns APK v1.1.7 (Offline, hack full money)

Game APK: Installation File v1.1.7 (MOD offline)
Game Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 
Save Game: Full Money

- Extract data using peazip or 7zip, winrar can't extract the data
- Copy the extracted game data to Android/data
- Install the APK

For non-rooted phones or person who wants to enjoy the game to fullest without hack:
- Run the game & enjoy!
- The game was tested and worked well on Galaxy S2 HD.

For rooted phones only,
- Copy the extracted save game (2 files) to Titanium backup folder
- Run Titaniumbackup, and choose restore data only.
- If you run the game before restoring the hacked data, wipe the game data & restore again.

3. Download Six-guns APK v1.1.6 (non-root & rooted, mod full money)
Game APK: Installation File v1.1.6 (MOD offline + full money)
Game Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3
- Data v1.1.6 can not be used for v1.1.7 and vice versa.
- To extract the game data, you need to install 7zip or peazip on your Windows. They are both free. Google for it!

Instruction v1.1.6
- Install the game APK
- Copy the extracted game data to Android/obb
- Run the game for the 1st time, the game will say "Invalid license, click here to Buy Game". Click "Cancel"
- Go to Settings, turn off auto update date & time, change the year back to 2012
- Run the game for the 2nd time and enjoy, but not yet finished!
- Go to Settings for the 2nd time and change the year to 2013, the game will be stopped unexpectedly.
- Run the game for the 3rd time and play for a while.
- Go to game settings, select the 2nd last option to change the game language from Chinese to English
- Enjoy the full game until the end. ^^!
The game apk was tested and worked well on Galaxy S2 HD.

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